Since we've noticed that a large percentage of questions on the RDO Forum are focused on networking, we're planning to have a Google Hangout on September 24th, at 12pm Eastern time, (9am Pacific, 17:00 GMT, for your local timezone.) You can see the hangout details, and let us know you're coming, at

The presentation will be a short overview of networking in OpenStack, the relative roles of Neutron, OVS, a little bit on where OpenDaylight and OpenFlow fit into the equation, and then a walk-through of the basic L2 & L3 workflows that people usually want to do in Neutron, and work through a couple of common situations where people have trouble ("Can't ping my VM, can't associate floating IP") and the tools you might use to debug and fix these problems.

We'll have a lot of time for Q&A, and we will have OpenStack networking experts from Red Hat on-hand to help with those.