In just two weeks, Red Hat people from around the world will be gathering in San Francisco for the Red Hat Summit. In addition to the talks and workshops about Red Hat Enterprise Linux and many other Red Hat products, there will be a wealth of content about OpenStack, from some of the people who work on OpenStack and RDO.

To highlight just a few of these:

Software-defined networking (SDN), OpenFlow, & OpenStack - Vivek Dasgupta

Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure architecture design - Dan Radez, Brad Ascar

Deterministic capacity planning for OpenStack as elastic cloud infrastructure - Keith Basil, Sean Cohen, Tushar Katarki

Deep dive: OpenStack Compute - Stephen Gordon

Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure networking deep dive - Nir Yechiel

Introduction to Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform - Rhys Oxenham

How to use Red Hat solutions in a public cloud - Gordon Haff, Jane Circle

Implementing storage with OpenStack - John Hoffer

Also, be sure to drop by the RDO booth in the Community Pavilion to see the demos of packstack, Heat, Tuskar, OpenShift, and many other things. We look forward to seeing you there!