The Fedora Project has released Fedora 21 today, and it includes two images of interest to RDO users who want have the latest and greatest Fedora to run in their cloud.

The Fedora Project, as part of the Fedora.Next initiative, decided to pursue three sesparate release variants – cloud, server, and workstation. Of special interest to RDO users, the Cloud Working Group has an OpenStack-ready release with a base Fedora instance that's tailored for the cloud, and an "Atomic" host that is tailored specifically for running Docker containers.

Head over to the Get Fedora Cloud Download page, and you'll find uncompressed qcow2 images for general purpose cloud compting, and the streamlined Atomic host.

The default images are 64-bit, but you can also find a 32-bit qcow2 general purpose image if you need a 32-bit instance for some reason.

Have questions about the Fedora Cloud images? Ask on the Fedora Cloud mailing list or ask in #fedora-cloud on Freenode.