Here's what RDO enthusiasts have been writing about over the past week.

If you're writing about RDO, or about OpenStack on CentOS, Fedora or RHEL, and you're not on my list, please let me know!

Adding another External network to the Multi Node OpenStack Setup by Silver Sky Soft

The external networks for an OpenStack deployment can be a combination of your intranet corporate IT network and internet facing external network. For common use case, we look a way to add another external network to OpenStack deployment.

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Containerize OpenStack with Docker by Ryan Hallisey

Today in the cloud space, a lot of buzz in the market stems from Docker and providing support for launching containers on top of an existing platform. However, what is often overlooked is the use of Docker to improve deployment of the infrastructure platforms themselves; in other words, the ability to ship your cloud in containers.

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Setup Nova-Docker Driver with RDO Kilo on Fedora 22 by Boris Derzhavets

Hackery bellow was tested multiple times for AIO installs via packstack, providing completly functional Neutron Services and allows to create neutron routers, tenant's and external networks on single box or virtual machine.

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Setup Nova-Docker Driver with RDO Kilo on F22 via master branch by Boris Derzhavets

Current post describes in details a sequence of steps which allow to work with Nova-Docker driver been built based on top commit of master nova-docker branch, stable/kilo branch is not supposed to be checked out before running python install. This results several additional efforts. First one is targeting ability to restart nova-compute service after switching to NovaDocker driver , second one is related with tuning configuration files of glance-api and glance-registry services and make them able for successful restart after adding "docker" to "containers_formats" in glance-api.conf

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Setup NovaDocker Container via supertaihei02/docker-centos-lamp:lamp with RDO Kilo on CentOS 7.1 by Boris Derzhavets

Setup NovaDocker Container via supertaihei02/docker-centos-lamp:lamp with RDO Kilo on CentOS 7.1

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A journey of a packet within OpenContrail by Sylvain Afchain

In this post we will see how a packet generated by a VM is able to reach another VM or an external resource, what are the key concepts/components in the context of Neutron using the OpenContrail plugin. We will focus on OpenContrail, how it implements the overlay and the tools that it provides to check/troubleshoot how the packet are forwarded. Before getting started, I’ll give a little overview of the key concepts of OpenContrail.

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Enable SPICE HTML5 Console Access in OpenStack Kilo by Silver Sky Soft

Documentation is a bit sparse on what configuration parameters to enable for SPICE console access. This article provides our notes for enabling SPICE on CentOS 7.1 with OpenStack Kilo.

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Celebrating Kubernetes 1.0 and the future of container management on OpenStack by Steve Gordon

This week, together with Google and others we celebrated the launch of Kubernetes 1.0 at OSCON in Portland as well as the launch of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation or CNCF (, of which Red Hat, Google, and others are founding members. Kubernetes is an open source system for managing containerized applications providing basic mechanisms for deployment, maintenance, and scaling of applications. The project was originally created by Google and is now developed by a vibrant community of contributors including Red Hat.

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OpenStack Tokyo summit voting is now open! by Assaf Muller

Nir Yechiel and I submitted a session titled: ‘L3 HA, DVR, L2 Population… Oh My!’

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In which we are amazed it doesn't all fall apart by Lars Kellogg-Stedman

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