Here's what RDO enthusiasts have been writing about over the past week.

If you're writing about RDO, or about OpenStack on CentOS, Fedora or RHEL, and you're not on my list, please let me know!

Ceilometer, Gnocchi & Aodh: Liberty progress by Julien Danjou

It’s been a while since I talked about Ceilometer and its companions, so I thought I’d go ahead and write a bit about what’s going on this side of OpenStack. I’m not going to cover new features and fancy stuff today, but rather a shallow overview of the new project processes we initiated.

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Tuning hypervisors for High Throughput Computing, by Tim Bell

Over the past set of blogs, we've looked at a number of different options for tuning High Energy Physics workloads in a KVM environment such as the CERN OpenStack cloud.

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Template for a KeystoneV3.rc by Adam Young

If you are moving from Keystone v2 to v3 call, you need more variables in your environment. Here is a template for an update keystone.rc for V3, in jinja format:

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Findings from Reviewing the oVirt Overall Dashboard Concept at Red Hat Summit, by Liz Blanchard

At Red Hat Summit this past year, Serena and I presented a few concepts that we hope to include as features in oVirt.NEXT. One of those concepts was a design for an overall dashboard. This dashboard would aggregate all of the data from within an environment (all data centers) and present the user with visualizations of this information. The following is the initial design concept for the overall dashboard that we showed:

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How to choose the best-fit hardware for your OpenStack deployment by Jonathan Gershater

One of the benefits of OpenStack is the ability to deploy the software on standard x86 hardware, and thus not be locked-in to custom architectures and high prices from specialized vendors.

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