Here's what RDO enthusiasts have been writing about over the past week.

If you're writing about RDO, or about OpenStack on CentOS, Fedora or RHEL, and you're not on my list, please let me know!

Let me tell you something about being a PTL, by Flavio Percoco

It's that time of the cycle, in OpenStack, when projects need to elect who's going to be the PTL for the next 6 months. People look at the, hopefully many, candidacies and vote based on the proposals that are more sound to them. I believe, for the PTL elections, the voting process has worked decently, which is why this post is not meant for voters but for the, hopefully many, PTL candidates.

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Liberty cycle retrospective in Puppet OpenStack by Emilien Macchi

Things are moving very fast in OpenStack; it might be useful to take a short break and write down a little bit of retrospective; it will help to see what happened in Puppet OpenStack project during the last months.

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Big data in the open, private cloud by Tim Gasper

Organizations that take advantage of comprehensive insights from their data can gain a competitive edge. However, the ever-increasing amount of data coming in can make it hard to see trends. Adding to this challenge, many companies have data locked in silos, making it difficult—if not impossible—to gain critical insights. Big data technologies like Hadoop can help unify and organize data, but getting fast, meaningful insight still isn’t easy.

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Multi master Database Cluster on OpenStack with Load Balancing by Silver Sky Soft

Multi Master database replication in a cluster of databases allows applications to write to any database node and data is available at other nodes within short order. The main advantage is high availability deployment, high read performance and scalability.

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