Here's what RDO enthusiasts have been writing about over the past week.

If you're writing about RDO, or about OpenStack on CentOS, Fedora or RHEL, and you're not on my list, please let me know!

Red Hat Confirms Speaking Sessions at OpenStack Summit Tokyo by Jeff Jameson

As this Fall’s OpenStack Summit in Tokyo approaches, the Foundation has posted the session agenda, outlining the final schedule of events. I am happy to report that Red Hat has 15 sessions that will be included in the weeks agenda, along with a few more as waiting alternates. With the limited space and shortened event this time around, I am please to see that Red Hat continues to remain in sync with the current topics, projects, and technologies the OpenStack community and customers are most interested in.

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Driving in the Fast Lane: Huge Page support in OpenStack Compute by Steve Gordon

In a previous “Driving in the Fast Lane” blog post we focused on optimization of instance CPU resources. This time around let’s take a dive into the handling of system memory, and more specifically configurable page sizes. We will reuse the environment from the previous post, but add huge page support to our performance flavor.

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Reviewing Puppet OpenStack patches by Emilien Macchi

Reviewing code takes to me 20% of my work. It’s a lot of time, but not too much when you look at OpenStack velocity. To be efficient, you need to understand how review process works and have the right tools in hand.

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Horizon Performance Optimizations by Silver Sky

ome notes on Open Stack Horizon Performance optimizations on CentOS 7.1 install: 4 vCPU (2.3 GHz Intel Xeon E5 v3), 2 GB – 4 GB RAM, SSD backed 40 GB RAW image.

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Python 3 Status in OpenStack Liberty by Victor Stinner

The Python 3 support in OpenStack Liberty made huge visible progress. Blocking libraries have been ported. Six OpenStack applications are now compatible with Python3: Aodh, Ceilometer, Gnocchi, Ironic, Rally and Sahara. Thanks to voting python34 check jobs, the Python 3 support can only increase, Python 2 only code cannot be reintroduced by mistake in tested code.

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Analyzing the performance of Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform using Rally by Roger Lopez and Joe Talerico

In our recent blog post, we’ve discussed the steps involved in determining the performance and scalability of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform environment. To recap, we’ve recommended the following:

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