A big thanks to everyone that participated in the RDO Test Day over the last 48 hours. Here's a few statistics from the day.

29 people wrote 74 email messages to the rdo-list mailing list. (Of course, they weren't all about the test day, but many of them were.)

42 participants sent a collective 1074 messages to the #rdo IRC channel on Freenode.net. (Likewise, not all about test day.)

We had 23 new issues opened in the ticketing system.

Some people have put their day's experience in the etherpad and some have updated the Tested Scenarios page. If you didn't put your notes anywhere, please do update one of those in the coming day or two, so that we don't lose what we learned.

So, thanks to all of you. Particular thanks to trown for getting things rolling and herding the cats.