What does RDO stand for?


The RDO FAQ has long said that RDO doesn't stand for anything. This is a very unsatisfying answer to one of the most frequently asked questions about RDO. So, a little while ago, I started saying that RDO stands for "Rich's Distribution of OpenStack." Although tongue-in-cheek, this response emphasizes that RDO is a community driven project. So it's also Radez's Distribution of OpenStack, and Radhesh's and Russel's and red_trela's. (As well as lots of people whose names don't start with R!)

It also stands for "RPM Distribution of OpenStack." And "Really Deploy OpenStack", and "Rebuilt Daily OpenStack", and a variety of other things.

So, that's the thinking behind the tshirt that we're giving out at our booth at OpenStack Summit here in Tokyo. We still have a few left, so drop by the Red Hat booth and get yours while they last.