Happy 2016! A lot of us have been out over the last few weeks, so the blog traffic has been very slow. We're looking forward to the coming months, as we work towards Mitaka.

Here's some of the blog posts you may have missed while you were enjoying your New Years celebration:

Integrating classic IT with cloud-native by Gordon Haff

This is the fifth and final in a series of posts that delves deeper into the questions that IDC’s Mary Johnston Turner and Gary Chen considered in a recent IDC Analyst Connection. The fifth question asked:

What types of technologies are available to facilitate the integration of multiple generations of infrastructure and applications as hybrid cloud-native and conventional architectures evolve?

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RDO Community Day @ FOSDEM - Schedule announced by Rich Bowen

The schedule for RDO Community Day at FOSDEM is now available at https://www.rdoproject.org/events/rdo-day-fosdem-2016/. Exact times are not confirmed, but we should have those in the next few days.

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Ceph single node deployment on Fedora 23 by Daniel P. Berrangé

A little while back Cole documented a minimal ceph deployment on Fedora. Unfortunately, since then the ‘mkcephfs’ command has been dropped in favour of the ‘ceph-deploy’ tool. There’s various other blog posts talking about ceph-deploy, but none of them had quite the right set of commands to get a working single node deployment – the status would always end up in “HEALTH_WARN” which is pretty much an error state for ceph. After much trial & error I finally figured out the steps that work on Fedora 23.

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