On Friday, in Brussels, 45 RDO enthusiasts gathered at the IBM Client Center in Brussels (Thanks, IBM!) for a full day of RDO content and discussion.

Most of the event was recorded. The camera battery ran out near the end, but we got audio for the rest of the event. I am in the process of uploading all of the video. (80GB of video!) It will be available on the event page as soon as possible. Some of it is there already.

The most exciting part of the event, for me anyways, was discovering that RDO is no longer completely a Red Hat project. More than half of those in attendance were from not from Red Hat. For comparison, last year we had about 30 people in attendance, and all but about 5 were from Red Hat.

Below you can see some photos from the event.

RDO Community Day, FOSDEM 2016

The day started with a marvelous keynote from Thomas Oulevey about CERN's OpenStack deployment, which uses RDO. From there, we had presentations about RDO-Manager, and other talks about deploying, configuring, and managing OpenStack.

I'd like to thank the folks that worked so hard to make this event happen, including especially the speakers, and Eliska Malakova who handled many of the logistics.