Because of its unique branding and name, one might assume that "RDO Manager" is not TripleO - perhaps it has additional downstream patches or maybe they're entirely different projects. You would not be alone because the community, the users and the developers alike have shared their confusion on this topic.

The truth is "RDO Manager" really is "TripleO". There is no code or documentation difference. The only thing that is different is the strategy around how the RDO community tests TripleO to ensure the stability of RDO packages but even this strategy is in the process of being sent upstream because we're convinced it's the best way forward.

Historically, RDO Manager and TripleO were different projects. Today this is no longer the case and we plan on keeping it that way.

Further, there is no other project in RDO that is renamed or rebranded. OpenStack Nova is referenced as Nova within the RDO project. Even the TripleO packages in RDO have the same naming as the upstream projects.

With this in mind, on Wednesday, 24th, February, 2016, the RDO community discussed and voted to drop the "RDO Manager" brand and use TripleO instead. This will clear the confusion surrounding the topic of what IS RDO Manager as well as strengthen the TripleO name. It is our hope that a clear 1:1 mapping between the projects will result in more integration with upstream on the CI side as well.

Over the course of the next few weeks, the RDO community will work towards replacing mentions of "RDO Manager" in documentation, web sites, code, and repositories. If you'd like to help with this, please join us on irc Freenode #rdo.