I was traveling much of last week, so we have two weeks of blog posts to catch you up on, and there's some really good ones in here.

"RDO Manager" is now "TripleO", by K Rain Leander

Because of its unique branding and name, one might assume that "RDO Manager" is not TripleO - perhaps it has additional downstream patches or maybe they're entirely different projects. You would not be alone because the community, the users and the developers alike have shared their confusion on this topic.

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Creating an additional host for a Tripleo overcloud, by Adam Young

I’ve been successful following the steps to get a Tripleo deployment. I now need to add another server to host the Identity Management and Federation services. Here’s the steps:

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OpenStack Montreal: A talk about CI in OpenStack and RDO, by David Moreau Simard

OpenStack Montreal is a meetup that happens around every 2 months in Montreal. We talk and discuss about different OpenStack topics with interests for developers, users and operators. If you’d like to keep up with the event, attend (or present a topic!), please subscribe to the mailing list to be notified when something’s going on.

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Packstack gates against itself by David Moreau Simard

Today I made an announcement on both openstack-dev and rdo-list that Packstack was going to gate against itself.

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RDO Kilo ML2&OVS&VLAN Mutti Node Deployment on Fedora 23 by Boris Derzhavets

To complete packstack run for two nodes Controller/Network and Compute setup I had to apply as pre-installation following patches, otherwise neutron puppet crashed on Fedora 23 :-

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How i started contributing to the RDO Project by Chandan Kumar

During my internship period at Red Hat, Kushal used to play with OpenStack and got a problem that a created instance is not able to get a public IP address so that he can access it from outside.

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What Can Talk To What on the OpenStack Message Broker by Adam Young

If a hypervisor is compromised, the Nova Compute instance running on that node is also compromised. If the compute instance is compromised, then its access to the Message Queue has to be considered tainted as well. What degree of risk does this pose?

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Status of Python 3 in OpenStack Mitaka by Victor Stinner

Now that most OpenStack services have reached feature freeze for the Mitaka cycle (November 2015-April 2016), it’s time to look back on the progress made for Python 3 support.

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Setup DVR on RDO Liberty Controller && 2(x)Computes ML2/OVS/VLAN landscape by Boris Derzhavets

Just a reminder in Juno and Kilo DVR was available for deployments using VXLAN tunneling and required l2population activation on all nodes. One of new features of Liberty is DVR compatibility with ML2&OVS&VLAN deployed landscapes. On RDO Liberty packstack doesn't play so nicely doing VLAN deployment as in case of VXLAN tunneling. Attempt to use old templates for answer file just does all configs properly only on Controller/Network Node.

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OpenStack Infra: Jenkins Jobs by Arie Bregman

A few days ago, while adding a new job to OpenStack Infra, I realized how difficult it must be for newcomers ( to OpenStack) to understand how OpenStack CI works and make new changes. The OpenStack Infra documentation coverage of each project is great and very detailed , but connecting the dots, which assembles the complete work-flow can be a complex task for anyone.

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Glance Mitaka: Passing the torch by Flavio Percoco

I'm not going to run for Glance's PTL position for the Newton timeframe. There are many motivations behind this choice. Some of them I'm willing to discuss in private if people are interested but I'll go as far as saying there are personal and professional reasons for me to not run again.

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HA support for DVR centralized default SNAT functionality on RDO Mitaka Milestone 3 by Boris Derzhavets

Verification been done bellow is actually targeting conversion of HAProxy/Keepalived (Active/Active) 3 Node Controller which design was suggested for RDO Liberty in https://github.com/beekhof/osp-ha-deploy/blob/master/HA-keepalived.md to be able support Compute Nodes running in DVR mode. The core issue on Liberty was resolved for Mitaka , see upstream record [RFE] Unable to create a router that's both HA and distributed General concepts (DVR/SNAT) are explained here Distributed Virtual Routing – SNAT

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