Here's what RDO enthusiasts were blogging about this week:

St. Louis OpenStack Meetup by Rich Bowen

On Tuesday evening I had the privilege of addressing the St. Louis OpenStack Meetup group. I gave an Introduction to OpenStack presentation to about 30 attendees, many of whom were indeed OpenStack beginners, or just beginning to research what this OpenStack thing is all about.

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Upcoming events in OpenStack and RDO by Rich Bowen

I love this time of year - the energy and passion that swells right around an upstream OpenStack release, and the weeks before an OpenStack Summit. Most of the year, people are heads down working on their particular part of the project, but as we near a release, there's a lot of interest in what's going on in the larger upstream.

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Extending OpenStack Disaster Recovery to Google Cloud Storage by Sean Cohen

The OpenStack Cinder Backup service was introduced in Cinder in the Grizzly release to allow users to create backups from their volumes and store it to their Swift object storage system (still very common use case in OpenStack private clouds to date). Since then, the Backup API continued to mature with every release.

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