Next in our series of "What Did You Do In Mitaka" articles, I spoke with Chandan Kumar, who works on packaging for RDO, and also is active on the mailing list and on IRC.

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Rich: RDO Mitaka was released a little over a week ago. I'm speaking with Chandan Kumar, who is one of the people who is very active in the RDO community. Thanks for taking time to speak with me.

Could you tell me what you did during the Mitaka cycle?

Chandan: Thank you Rich.

Well, this release, I was packaging and reviewing RDO packages, mostly. In the start of the Mitaka release I was tracking upstream global requirements, and found some of the packages missing from the RDO packages. So I maintained and packaged them.

In the list of packages are: python-wsgi_intercept, python-reno, python-tosca-parser, python-weakrefmethod, python-XStatic-roboto-fontface and many more in which Python reno is most popular because it was used for adding and deleting release notes to upstream OpenStack projects.

In the midcycle, I got a chance to work with Matthew from CERN. And at the same time I had just completed packaging Python Magum client, and helped in packaging Magnum for RDO

I also worked with Javier, Alan, and Haikel, in porting spec files of Oslo libraries and its dependencies to Python 2 and Python 3 packages. At that time there is a need of RDO specific spec templates for client OpenStack test and Oslo libraries. That we have added.

Let's now come to the end of the Mitaka release. We have created Python OpenStack services tests sub -package for all OpenStack packages present in RDO. That was consumed by Puppet OpenStack CI, and that was a great achievement for me.

And lastly, I have done code contributions and documentation changes for DLRN.

That was an exciting release in RDO land.

R: Do you expect to continue participating at the same level in the Newton cycle?

C: Yes. Since the Newton cycle has just started, Magnum trunk DLRN builds got failed because of missing packages Python k8sclient. That I have packaged, and imported, with the help of Alan, do DLRN. Now it's working fine.

I will continue to do packaging and code contributions to rdopkg and DLRN. Apart from that, I will continue to contribute to packstack OpenStack module, and try to add new OpenStack services to RDO ecosystem.

R: Thank you very much for taking time to speak with me.

C: Thanks, Rich.