Here's what RDO engineers have been blogging about over the last week:

Connecting another vm to your tripleo-quickstart deployment by Lars Kellogg-Stedman

Let's say that you have set up an environment using tripleo-quickstart and you would like to add another virtual machine to the mix that has both "external" connectivity ("external" in quotes because I am using it in the same way as the quickstart does w/r/t the undercloud) and connectivity to the overcloud nodes. How would you go about setting that up?

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Reproducing an Open vSwitch Bridge Configuration by Adam Young

In the previous post, I described the setup for installing FreeIPA on a VM parallel to the undercloud VM setup by Tripleo Quickstart. The network on the undercloud VM has been setup up by Ironic and Neutron to listen on a network defined for the overcloud. I want to reproduce this on a second machine that is not enrolled in the undercloud. How can I reproduce the steps?

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ARA: An idea to store, browse and troubleshoot Ansible Playbook runs by David Moreau Simard

Ansible can be used for a lot of things and it’s grown pretty popular for managing servers and their configuration. In the RDO and OpenStack communities, Ansible is heavily used to deploy or test OpenStack through Continuous Integration (CI). Projects like TripleO-Quickstart, WeIRDO, OpenStack-Ansible or Zuul v3 are completely driven by Ansible.

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