With OpenStack Summit last week, we have a lot of summit-focused blog posts today, and expect more to come in the next few days.

Attending OpenStack Summit Ocata by Julien Danjou

For the last time in 2016, I flew out to the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona, where I had the chance to meet (again) a lot of my fellow OpenStack contributors there.

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OpenStack Summit, Barcelona, 2 of n by rbowen

Tuesday, the first day of the main event, was, as always, very busy. I spent most of the day working the Red Hat booth. We started at 10 setting up, and the mob came in around 10:45.

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OpenStack Summit, Barcelona, 1 of n by rbowen

I have the best intentions of blogging every day of an event. But every day is always so full, from morning until the time I drop into bed exhausted.

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TripleO composable/custom roles by Steve Hardy

This is a follow-up to my previous post outlining the new composable services interfaces , which covered the basics of the new for Newton composable services model.

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Integrating Red Hat OpenStack 9 Cinder Service With Multiple External Red Hat Ceph Storage Clusters by Keith Schincke

This post describes how to manually integrate Red Hat OpenStack 9 (RHOSP9) Cinder service with multiple pre-existing external Red Hat Ceph Storage 2 (RHCS2) clusters. The final configuration goals are to have Cinder configuration with multiple storage backends and support …

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On communities: Sometimes it's better to over-communicate by Flavio Percoco

Communities, regardless of their size, rely mainly on the communication there is between their members to operate. The existing processes, the current discussions, and the future growth depend heavily on how well the communication throughout the community has been established. The channels used for these conversations play a critical role in the health of the communication (and the community) as well.

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Full Stack Automation with Ansible and OpenStack by Marcos Garcia - Principal Technical Marketing Manager

Ansible offers great flexibility. Because of this the community has figured out many useful ways to leverage Ansible modules and playbook structures to automate frequent operations on multiple layers, including using it with OpenStack.

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