We've had more followup blog posts from OpenStack Summit, along with some more from the RDO community.

Querying haproxy data using socat from CLI by Carlos Camacho

Currently (most users) I don’t have any way to check the haproxy status in a TripleO virtual deployment (via web-browser) if not previously created some tunnels enabled for that purpose.

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Keystone Domains are Projects by Adam Young

Yesterday, someone asked me about inherited role assignments in Keystone projects. Here is what we worked out.

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OpenStack Summit: An evening with Ceph and RDO by Rich Bowen

Last Tuesday in Barcelona, we gathered with the Ceph community for an evening of food, drinks, and technical sessions.

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OpenStack Summit Barcelona, 3 of N by rbowen

Continuing the saga of OpenStack Summit Barcelona …

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Red Hat Virtualization: Bridging the Gap with the Cloud and Hyperconverged Infrastructure by Ted Brunell

Red Hat Virtualization offers a flexible technology for high-intensive performance and secure workloads. Red Hat Virtualization 4.0 introduced new features that enable customers to further extend the use case of traditional virtualization in hybrid cloud environments. The platform now easily incorporates third party network providers into the existing environment along with other technologies found in next generation cloud platforms such as Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host. Additionally, new infrastructure models are now supported including selected support for hyperconverged infrastructure; the native integration of compute and storage across a cluster of hosts in a Red Hat Virtualization environment.

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Running Tempest on RDO OpenStack Newton by chandankumar

Tempest is a set of integration tests to run against an OpenStack cluster.

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