Over the last few weeks, we've been conducting a survey of RDO users, to get an idea of who is using RDO, how, and for what.

While the sample size here is small, it's a start at understanding the makeup of our user community. And we'll conduct the survey again around the next release, so if you missed this one, stay tuned.

The Numbers

Let's start with the numbers.

First of all, there were only 39 responses to the survey. Hopefully next time we can do a better job of getting responses, but this is a good start for the first time.

Most of our users (ie, more than half) are running the Mitaka release, witht he next-largest number (46%) having already moved over to the Newton release.


Nearly half of our users are running RDO as their production cloud.


38% of users are deploying with Packstack, with just 20% using TripleO.


There's no clear leader in terms of what industry our users are in, however, Research, Service Providers and Telecom are the three at the top.


Finally, in the distribution of cloud size, over half of respondants were in the 1-10 nodes range, with the rest spread everywhere from there to more than 7500 nodes.


There were some additional questions that will be summarized to the rdo-list over the coming days, regarding how people want to get more involved in the project, and what things they feel are missing.

Next Time

Doing surveys is hard, and invaribly as soon as you send a survey out into the wild, you realize some things that you wish you'd done differently. This time, one thing we did was make the "industry" and "size" fields free-form entry, rather than providing options. This made it a lot more work to tally the results.

Beyond that, if there's some things that you feel that we should have done differently in the survey, please speak up.