Over the last several years, OpenStack has conducted OpenStack Summit twice a year. One of these occurs in North America, and the other one alternates between Europe and Asia/Pacific.

This year, OpenStack Summit in North America is in Boston , and the other one will be in Sydney.

This year, though, the OpenStack Foundation is trying something a little different. Wheras in previous years, a portion of OpenStack Summit was the developers summit, where the next version of OpenStack was planned, this year that's been split off into its own separate event called the PTG - the Project Teams Gathering. That's going to be happening next week in Atlanta.

Throughout the week, I'm going to be interviewing engineers who work on OpenStack. Most of these will be people from Red Hat, but I will also be interviewing people from some other organizations, and posting their thoughts about the Ocata release - what they've been working on, and what they'll be working on in the upcoming Pike release, based on their conversations in the coming week at the PTG.

So, follow this channel over the next couple weeks as I start posting those interviews. It's going to take me a while to edit them after next week, of course. But you'll start seeing some of these appear in my YouTube channel over the coming few days.

Thanks, and I look forward to filling you in on what's happening in upstream OpenStack.