In this post, I will present how to use a CI/CD workflow to manage TripleO deployment life cycle within an OpenStack tenant.

The goal is to use Software-Factory to submit reviews to create or update a TripleO deployment. The review process ensure peers validation before executing the deployment or update command. The deployment will be done within Openstack tenants. We will split each roles in a different tenant to ensure network isolation between services.


Software Factory

Software Factory (also called SF) is a collection of services that provides a powerful platform to build software.

The main advantages of using Software Factory to manage the deployment are:

  • Cross-project gating system (through user defined jobs).
  • Code-review system to ensure peer validation before changes are merged.
  • Reproducible test environment with ephemeral slave


Python-tripleo-helper is a library provides a complete Python API to drive an OpenStack deployment (TripleO). It allow to:

  • Deploy OpenStack with TripleO within an OpenStack tenant
  • Can deploy a virtual OpenStack using the baremetal workflow with IPMI commands.


Tripleo is a program aimed at installing, upgrading and operating OpenStack clouds using OpenStack's own cloud facilities as the foundations.

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