Experiences with Cinder in Production by Arne Wiebalck

The CERN OpenStack cloud service is providing block storage via Cinder since Havana days in early 2014. Users can choose from seven different volume types, which offer different physical locations, different power feeds, and different performance characteristics. All volumes are backed by Ceph, deployed in three separate clusters across two data centres.

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Using Ansible Validations With Red Hat OpenStack Platform – Part 1 by August Simonelli, Technical Marketing Manager, Cloud

Ansible is helping to change the way admins look after their infrastructure. It is flexible, simple to use, and powerful. Ansible uses a modular structure to deploy controlled pieces of code against infrastructure, utilizing thousands of available modules, providing everything from server management to network switch configuration.

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Upstream First…or Second? by Adam Young

From December 2011 until December 2016, my professional life was driven by OpenStack Keystone development. As I’ve made an effort to diversify myself a bit since then, I’ve also had the opportunity to reflect on our approach, and perhaps see somethings I would like to do differently in the future.

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Accessing a Mistral Environment in a CLI workflow by John

Recently, with some help of the Mistral devs in freenode #openstack-mistral, I was able to create a simple environment and then write a workflow to access it. I will share my example below.

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OpenStack papers community on Zenodo by Tim Bell

At the recent summit in Boston, Doug Hellmann and I were discussing research around OpenStack, both the software itself but also how it is used by applications. There are many papers being published in proceedings of conferences and PhD theses but finding out about these can be difficult. While these papers may not necessarily lead to open source code contribution, the results of this research is a valuable resource for the community.

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Event report: Red Hat Summit, OpenStack Summit by rbowen

During the first two weeks of May, I attended Red Hat Summit, followed by OpenStack Summit. Since both events were in Boston (although not at the same venue), many aspects of them have run together.

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