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fedora-review tool for reviewing RDO packages

This tool makes reviews of rpm packages for Fedora easier. It tries to automate most of the process. Through a bash API the checks can be extended in any programming language and for any programming language.

We can also use it for also reviewing RDO packages on Centos 7/Fedora-24.

Install fedora-review and DLRN

[1.] Install fedora-review and Mock

For Centos 7

Enable epel repos on centos

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Running Tempest on RDO OpenStack Newton

UPDATES: RDO Ocata introduces few changes that partially obsoletes the content of this article; check the updated article for details.

Tempest is a set of integration tests to run against an OpenStack cluster.

What does RDO provides for Tempest?

RDO provides three packages for running tempest against any OpenStack installation.

  • python-tempest : It can be used as a python library, consumed...
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A tale of Tempest rpm with Installers

Tempest is a set of integration tests to run against OpenStack Cloud. Delivering robust and working OpenStack cloud is always challenging. To make sure what we deliver in RDO is rock-solid, we use Tempest to perform a set of API and scenario tests against a running cloud using different installers like puppet-openstack-integration, packstack, and tripleo-quickstart. And, it is the story of how we...

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[Event Report] RDO Bug Triage Day on 18th and 19th May, 2016

As the RDO development continues to grow, the numbers of bugs also grow. To make the community robust and heavy, it is also necessary to triage and fix the existing bugs so that product will be more valuable.

We had hosted RDO Bug Triage Day on 18th and 19th May, 2016.

The main aim of the triage day was :

  • Mass Closing of "End of Life" Bugs through automation with proper EOL statement. On...
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How to build new OpenStack packages

Building new OpenStack packages for RDO is always tough. Let's use DLRN to make our life simpler.

DLRN is the RDO Continuous Delivery platform that pulls upstream git, rebuild them as RPM using template spec files, and ships them in repositories consumable by CI (e.g upstream puppet/Tripleo/packstack CI).

We can use DLRN to build a new RDO python package before sending them for package review...

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How i started contributing to the RDO Project

During my internship period at Red Hat, Kushal used to play with OpenStack and got a problem that a created instance is not able to get a public IP address so that he can access it from outside.

From there I got introduced to OpenStack. I started by trying to install OpenStack (Icehouse) following the upstream documentation, to reproduce this problem. There, I found the steps were wrong, and from...

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Writing RPM macro for OpenStack

RPM macro is a short string, always prefixed by % and generally surrounded by curly brackets ({}) which RPM will convert to a different and usually longer string. Some macros can take arguments and some can be quite complex.

In RHEL, CentOS and Fedora, macros are provided by rpm package and from redhat-rpm-config.

In RDO, OpenStack macros are provided by openstack-macros which comes from upstream...

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