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RDO site outage

We experienced a brief website outage in the morning of November 19th (Europe time) due to a database issue. The error was resolved as soon as we became aware of it, and we are taking steps to ensure that it does not repeat.

Thanks for your understanding,

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RDO Draw day 2: Congratulations to Jean-Francois Saucier!

The lucky winner of the second Nexus 4 phone which we gave away as part of the Red Hat Summit draw at the RDO stand went to Jean-Fran├žois Saucier, a systems and security analyst with DJJ Consultants. He went home from the Summit the proud owner of a new phone.

Jean-Francois Saunier

Congratulations to Jean-Fran├žois! Thanks for your interest in RDO.

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RDO draw at the Red Hat Summit

Come by the RDO stand in the developer lounge at the Red Hat Summit this week and enter our draw for a chance to win a Nexus 4 phone. We are giving away two Nexus 4s to two lucky attendees. Draws occur at 1:45 pm at the booth.

The first Nexus 4 phone has been won by Gerald Nazareth - congratulations to Gerald. Call by the booth to pick up your prize! There's still a chance to win, though - call...

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OpenStack and RDO at the Red Hat Summit

Next week, the Red Hat Summit will be taking place in Boston. There are lots of OpenStack related activities around the summit, including 20 presentations, a practical lab, and RDO, Red Hat OpenStack and IaaS stands where you can meet developers, get demos and find out what's going on in the OpenStack world.

Ruth Suehle put together a summary of some of the OpenStack related content happening around...

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Try out RDO on TryStack!

In April, Red Hat released RDO, a distribution of OpenStack Grizzly for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and its derivatives, to make it easier for users of these platforms to get started with OpenStack.

Now we're making it even easier to try out OpenStack on RHEL by making it available on, a publicly accessible cluster where anyone can register and try out OpenStack.

The x86 OpenStack cluster...

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Webinar, 29 May: \"RDO: An OpenStack community project\"

Update (May 30th): This webinar is now available online for your viewing pleasure. learn more about OpenStack, what Red Hat are doing there, and what RDO is (and why you should care) on the Webinar page of now.

Next Wednesday, May 29th, Keith Basil (Red Hat OpenStack product manager) and myself (Dave Neary, RDO community liaison) will be giving a joint webinar on OpenStack, RDO and...

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A Community for Using OpenStack with Red Hat: RDO

A new article on the RDO project was published on the Red Hat blog today, covering what is RDO, who it's for, and how it relates to Red Hat's OpenStack product.

RDO offers a pure community-supported upstream OpenStack experience with the latest stable release (Grizzly) from, packaged, integrated, and easy to deploy on Red Hat platforms.

RDO is also intended to be a community...

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Short-term issues with forum

Hi all,

We're having one or two issues with the forum related to an upgrade of Vanilla, which will be sorted out shortly.

Apologies for any inconvenience!


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Using Heat to deploy OpenStack

At the recent OpenStack Summit in Portland, Oregon there were a number of excellent presentations on technologies we ship in RDO.

One of the more exciting ones was this presentation on using Heat to automate application deployment of OpenStack on OpenStack (the TripleO project), by Clint Byrnum from HP.

From the talk description:

How different are servers from VMs? Do we need special tools...

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RDO in the news

Since launching on April 15th, RDO has garnered a lot of attention - both in press and in blogs and podcasts. Here's a review of what's been happening in the RDO world.

Podcast: RDO at the OpenStack Summit

In Portland during the OpenStack Summit Dave Neary sat down with Richard Morrell of Red hat to record a podcast, covering questions like "what is RDO?", "who is it for?" "why are Red Hat releasing...

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Announcing RDO

Today, we are releasing OpenStack Grizzly packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 and clones, and Fedora 18.

And to help you make the most of OpenStack, we've created this site so you can:

  • Connect with fellow OpenStack users on the community forums;
  • Get started with the latest OpenStack project software, packaged and ready to use on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Scientific Linux, Fedora...
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