Articles from Haïkel Guémar

[Announcement] Migration to

After releasing RDO Mitaka, we migrated our current packaging workflow from gerrithub to a brand-new platform hosted at right before the Newton Summit. During the last cycle, we've worked with Software Factory folks to build a new packaging workflow based on the very same foundations as upstream OpenStack (using gerrit, zuul, nodepool). We're now relying on RPMFactory...

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RDO Ocata Release Behind The Scenes

I have been involved in 6 GA releases of RDO (From Juno to Ocata), and I wanted to share a glimpse of the preparation work. Since Juno, our process has tremendously evolved: we refocused RDO on EL7, joined the CentOS Cloud SIG, moved to Software Factory.

Our release process does not start when upstream announces GA or even a milestone, no it starts from the very beginning of upstream cycle.


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OpenStack 2016.1-1 release

The RDO Community is pleased to announce a new release of openstack-utils.


  • Drop now out-of-date openstack-db utility
  • openstack-status: autodetect MySQL variant
  • openstack-status: check LBaaSv2 agent status

Packages are already in RDO repositories.

Download sources on github

Please report issues/RFE on openstack-utils issue tracker

Openstack-utils is a collection of utilities...

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