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RDO Ocata released

The RDO community is pleased to announce the general availability of the RDO build for OpenStack Ocata for RPM-based distributions, CentOS Linux 7 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. RDO is suitable for building private, public, and hybrid clouds. Ocata is the 15th release from the OpenStack project, which is the work of more than 2500 contributors from around the world (source).

The RDO community project

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Improving the RDO Trunk infrastructure

Quite often, projects tend to to outgrow their initial expectations, and in those cases we face issues as they grow. This has been the case with our RDO Trunk repositories and the DLRN tool that builds them.

I had my first contact with the tool a bit more than a year ago, when I took the task of migrating it from the virtual machine it was running on to a more powerful one. Fast-forward to the...

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