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How to Install and Run Tempest

UPDATES: RDO Ocata introduces few changes that partially obsoletes the content of this article; check the updated article for details.

Tempest is a set of integration tests to run against an OpenStack cluster. In this blog I'm going to show you, how to install tempest from git repository, how to install all requirements and run tests against an OpenStack cluster.

I'm going to use a fresh installation...

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How to run Rally on Packstack environment

Rally is a benchmarking tool that automates and unifies multi-node OpenStack deployment, cloud verification, benchmarking & profiling. For OpenStack deployment I used packstack tool.

Install Rally

[1.] Install rally:

$ sudo yum install openstack-rally

[2.] After the installation is complete set up the Rally database:

$ sudo rally-manage db recreate

Register an OpenStack deployment

You have...

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