RDO Mentors

It can sometimes be a little intimidating when you first start contributing to OpenStack. While most of the tickets in the EasyFix queue have a designated mentor, you may also wish to find a mentor based on the area that you're interested in working on.

Or, when you arrive on IRC, and ask a question and are greeted with silence, it can be very useful to know who to ping to get their attention.

The following people have indicated that they're willing to mentor you through your first contributions, or answer your questions on particular topics on IRC. Please don't hesitate to ask. (And, if you're willing to be on the list, please add your name and/or IRC nick below.)

Finally, if you want to contribute to the upstream OpenStack community, there's a similar list called the OpenStack Upstream Institute.

Who to ask


  • Alfredo Moralejo - amoralej
  • Alan Pevec - apevec
  • Chandan Kumar - chandankumar
  • David Moreau Simard - dmsimard
  • Haikel Guemar - number80
  • Jakub Ružička - jruzicka
  • Javier Pena - jpena
  • Rich Bowen - rbowen
  • Lars Kellogg-Stedman - larsks
  • Jon Schlueter - jschlueter/yazug


  • amoralej
  • Javier Peña - jpena


  • amoralej



  • amoralej
  • Javier Peña - jpena


  • amoralej
  • Javier Peña - jpena


  • Rich Bowen - rbowen

Where to ask

Conversations about RDO happen a number of different places on IRC. All of these channels are on Freenode IRC network.

  • #RDO - Any general conversation about RDO, including developer issues and user questions.

  • #tripleO - Discussion specifically of TripleO. This tends to be fairly technical.

  • #trystack - Discussion of the http://trystack.org/ service.

  • #centos-devel - If you have questions about the parts of the RDO infrastructure that run in the CentOS Community Build System (cbs), this is where you're most likely to get answers.

  • #openstack - Remember that RDO is just a small part of a larger community. Questions about OpenStack in general, not specifically about RDO, should go to the upstream channel.