RDO-Bug Triage


We generally try to conduct a public bug triage every third Tuesday of the month at 14:00 UTC. That's date -d "14:00 UTC" in your local timezone. Please feel free to stop by #rdo on IRC (OFTC) to help out or ask questions.

Bugzilla queries

Bugzilla workflow

Initial Triage

Since RDO (say a mid-stream? ) is akin to what Fedora is to RHEL, we try to follow the Fedora bug triage method (see References section below) while closely monitoring upstream OpenStack issue tracker (details below in Upstream OpenStack bug triage section).

If a bug/RFE has already been fixed in the current stable RDO release (say Mitaka), then:

  • Update the "Fixed In Version" field with the NVR (Name-Version-Release) of the package.
  • Move the bug to CLOSED->CURRENTRELEASE.


Upstream OpenStack bug triage:

Some existing community projects which use Red Hat Bugzilla, and their workflows for bug triage: