Editing the RDO events calendar

The RDO events calendar is maintained as part of the community.redhat.com events site. To edit or add an RDO-related meetup, edit this file and send a pull request. If your event is some other community event, such as a mini-conference, put it in this file instead.

A few words of caution:

  • The yml calendar format is very finicky. If you are planning to edit a lot of events, consider cloning the entire repository and running the validate.rb script in the top level directory before you send pull requests, to ensure that there are no syntax errors.

  • The events in the meetups file are refreshed from meetup.com every Monday morning. So while we'll try to be careful not to overwrite your event, it does occasionally happen.

  • The weekly mailing to the rdo lists contains only the upcoming 7 days of events, while the update to the events page is the upcoming 14 days. Check the events page before deciding that your event is not on the list.