Meetup Assistance

We can help with your OpenStack Meetup in a number of ways.

What you get

Here's what we can do to help out your OpenStack Meetup:


We can ship RDO swag to your meetup location if you give us two weeks notice. We've got RDO stickers, bookmarks, and potentially more with more notice. Sometimes there's tshirts left over from events, ducks, and more.


If you have a meetup, and are looking for speakers, we can help make the connection between your group and local experts. Our OpenStack engineers are around the world, and we also have strong ties to related communities - Ceph, OpenShift, OPNFV, CentOS, and many others - who can supply speakers.

Travel assistance

In certain circumstances, we can provide travel assistance to bring a speaker to your meetup. Usually this is in-state (in the US), or short train trips (in Europe), or perhaps someone who is already attending an event in a nearby venue.


Always, we can provide promotion of your event, through our various social media outlets, and those of our related communities. With sufficient notice, we can mention your event in our monthly newsletter, and publish blog posts on one or more sites.

What we want

If we help with your meetup, we want something in return. Fortunately, it's not much.

We'd like to hear back from you about how the event went. How many people were there? Did you get any good user stories that you can share with us? An event report on your blog would be ideal.

Please try to take a few photos, so that we can see what the turn out was like.

And mention #RDOCommunity when you tweet about your event.

How to get it

If you run a meetup, or if you're going to be speaking at a meetup, contact Rain to see what we can work out.