RDO Mini-Cluster

For Red Hat Summit 2017, the RDO and ManageIQ engineers in the Red Hat Brno office put together a mini-cluster, using Intel NUC servers, to demo running OpenStack, and managing it with ManageIQ.

On the RDO side, we built with the following hardware.

Item Model/Type
Intel NUC (4) 6I5SYK
RAM (4) Crucial SO-DIMM 32 GB DDR4 2133MHz CL15 Dual Ranked
SSD (4) Patriot Ignite M2 240 gigabytes
Cables Various CAT5E cables for connectivity
Switch TP-LINK TL-SG105
Router (Someone fill this in?)
USB network adapters Axago ADE-SG or similar

Note: The NUCs have only one NIC. The USB network adapters are to provide the control network.

TODO: Deployment instructions here