RDO Infrastructure

RDO is a packaging effort, but this involves a number of infrastructure components, including CI, this website, and package repositories, among other things. Here's what it all looks like. See also this blog post


This site.

RDO Trunk

RDO Trunk, aka DLRN, aka Delorean. Builds upstream trunk to RDO packages. Its infrastructure is composed of several servers:

  • A private build server, running inside the ci.centos.org infrastructure.
  • A public server, trunk.rdoproject.org, hosting the repositories.
  • A database server, running in the RDO Cloud (dlrn-db.rdoproject.org).
  • A slave database server, which mirrors the main database and also serves as offsite backup server for other services (backup.rdoproject.org).

Code Review and CI

The RDO Gerrit instance is running at review.rdoproject.org. It makes use of a pool of VMs for CI managed by nodepool and running on the RDO Cloud.

The review.rdoproject.org configuration is managed by the infrastructure core administrators.

Some additional pieces of infrastructure used for CI are:


Wordpress blog site for RDO engineers. blogs.rdoproject.org


High-level status dashboards for the RDO project. dashboards.rdoproject.org


A subset of the planet.openstack.org, tracks RDO bloggers. planet.rdoproject.org


The code lives on several organizations at GitHub:

Processes and maintenance windows

Refer to the service continuity page for details on our service continuity plans.

The infrastructure maintenance window page provides information on our planned maintenance windows.


A number of parts of our infrastructure run at CentOS, including