2014 June

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Here's what's going on in RDO, and in the larger OpenStack world, in the coming days.

OpenStack Events

With the OpenStack Summit behind us, June is a little quieter, but there are still a number of events coming up.

OpenStack Israel - http://www.openstack-israel.org/ - is actually already passed - it was held June 2 in Herzliya. You can follow OpenStack Israel on Twitter, at @OpenStackIL, to catch the news coming out of that event over the next few days, and see the videos of the talks you may have missed.

In just a few days (June 4) OpenStack UK Day - http://www.eventbooking.uk.com/openstack/home.html - will be held in London. There will be presentations by a number of OpenStack luminaries, including Monty Taylor and Mark McCloughlin, and a great opportunity to meet other OpenStack users and developers. With the Red Hat acquisition of Inktank still very new news, you might want to catch John Spray's talk on Ceph to see what that's all about.

On that same day, there will be a CentOS dojo in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. - http://wiki.centos.org/Events/Dojo/Cincinnati2014 CentOS is the leading platform for deploying RDO, and with the ongoing work on the CentOS Cloud SIG, this will be a great place to come talk about how RDO fits into CentOS, and how we can achieve closer ties between the two communities.

On Friday, June 6th, at 13:00 Eastern US time, Hugh Brock will be presenting a Google Hangout on TripleO. You can register your attendance at https://plus.google.com/events/cp6fpffs4a9maqfn3h92tvvck1o

On the third Tuesday of every month (That's June 17, this month), we hold a bug triage event. See the latest open ticket list at http://kashyapc.fedorapeople.org/virt/openstack/bugzilla/rdo-bug-stat us/ and join us all through the day on the #rdo channel on the Freenote IRC network.

You can always see the upcoming events on the RDO Events calendar, at http://rdoproject.org/Events and on the main OpenStack events calendar at http://openstack.org/events

New articles, Wiki content

The following new docs have been added to the RDO wiki in the past month:

  • Deploying an RDO Overcloud with Instack -

http://rdoproject.org/Deploying_an_RDO_Overcloud_with_Instack - part of the larger series on using Instack with RDO - http://rdoproject.org/Deploying_RDO_using_Instack

tutorial starting from a working OpenStack Icehouse install with the Openvswitch plugin.

  • Creating CentOS and Fedora images ready for use on OpenStack -


  • Getting started with GRE on Icehouse -


We've also had a lot of great articles posted by various RDO engineers in the past month:

  • Improving libvirt firewall performance - Daniel Berrange:


  • Integrating Kerberos into Keystone - Adam Young:


  • Keystone Federation - Adam Young:


  • User Interface discussion at OpenStack Juno Summit - Liz Blanchard:


  • OpenStack Orchestration and Configuration Management - Zane Bitter:


  • Flat networks with ML2 and OpenVSwitch - Lars Kellogg-Stedman:


  • Video: Configuring OpenStack's external bridge on a

single-interface system - Lars Kellogg-Stedman: http://blog.oddbit.com/2014/05/27/configuring-openstacks-externa

For the latest great articles from OpenStack engineers, be sure to follow http://planet.openstack.org/

OpenStack Summit and Community Survey Results

At the OpenStack Summit in Atlanta a few weeks ago, the results from the OpenStack User Survey were announced. The survey was greatly expanded from last time, in terms of what data was being collected, so it's hard to just directly compare last year's results to this year's, but it's fun to try.

First of all, here's last year's survey results: http://www.slideshare.net/openstack/openstack-user-survey-october-2013 (and summarized at http://www.openstack.org/blog/2013/11/openstack-user-survey-october-2013/ )

And this year's results: http://www.slideshare.net/ryan-lane/openstack-atlanta-user-survey

I was struck by how slowly production deployments of OpenStack move, with substantial numbers of deployments still on Folsom, Essex, or even earlier. Meanwhile, in the proof-of-concept and developer spaces, we see CentOS and RHEL making a big jump on the lead held, for the moment, by Debian and Ubuntu.

You can see much of the content from the Summit on the OpenStack Foundation Youtube page at https://www.youtube.com/user/OpenStackFoundation/videos

Staying in Touch

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