2014 October

October 2014 RDO Community Newsletter

Thanks again for being part of the RDO community. Here's some of what's been happening in RDO, and OpenStack in general, over the last month.

OpenStack User Survey

Today is the very last day to participate in the OpenStack User Survey. This survey is conducted twice a year, immediately before the OpenStack Summit, which judges statistics about deployments of OpenStack - what storage back ends are being used, what platforms are deployed on, the size of clouds running on OpenStack, and so on. It's important that you take the survey, as it influences the direction of the project, as well as how corporations shape their product offerings around OpenStack.

Take the survey at openstack.org/user-survey

The deadline for participation is tomorrow - Tuesday, October 7th.


On September 5th, Lars Kellogg-Stedman gave an excellent hangout on deploying services with Heat. You can watch this on YouTube. The #openstack-heat channel, on Freenode, is the right place to go if you have questions about Heat. And, #RDO is a good place for other questions related to OpenStack on CentOS, RHEL, or Fedora.

We expect to have another hangout later this month, but the details are still being worked out. Watch the rdo-list mailing list, and Hangouts for details as they become available.


Each week, we post a list of upcoming Meetups to the RDO-list mailing list and they also get added to the Events page.

If you're speaking at a meetup or hangout of some kind, please let me know (rbowen@redhat.com) so that we can help you get the word out. If you're interested in starting a meetup in an area that doesn't have any kind of user group, there's some suggestions on the new Organize A Meetup page

And if you attend an OpenStack meetup, please consider writing it up in a blog post or mailing list post, so that we can help get the word out about these meetups, and continue to build the OpenStack user community.


There's several big events coming up where you can learn more about OpenStack and RDO, particularly if you're in Europe.

Next week, LinuxCon/CloudOpen will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany, featuring a number of talks about OpenStack:

… and many others. This conference is just going to be packed with great OpenStack content, and we'll be there at the Red Hat booth if you have any questions about RDO. We look forward to seeing you there. Register at http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/linuxcon-europe/attend/register

And next month, in Paris, is the OpenStack Kilo Summit. This is *the* place to go for OpenStack content, with a whole week of technical sessions, and the design summit for the next iteration of the OpenStack software. You can find out more about the OpenStack Summit at http://openstack.org/summit

If you're in North America, you may want to wait for the OpenStack Summit North America, which was just announced last week. It will be held in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, May 18-22. Details are not yet available, but you can watch the page at https://www.openstack.org/summit/vancouver-2015/ to find out details as they become available.

Blog posts

With OpenStack Juno in Feature Freeze, coming up to the release on October 16th - https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Juno_Release_Schedule - the OpenStack engineers at Red Hat have been writing fairly prolifically, and you can see some of those recent blog posts on the RDO blog:

For the latest blog posts about OpenStack, don't forget to follow the OpenStack Planet. I'd particularly like to recommend Thierry Carrez's excellent article #1 OpenStack Contributor: All of Us

More than anything, we want *you* to participate in OpenStack, and to do what's necessary to help you do that. Please join us on this exciting journey.

In Closing …

Once again, you can always keep up to date a variety of ways:

Thanks again for being part of the RDO community!

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