2014 September

Thanks again for being part of the RDO community! Here's some of what's going on in the community.


Later this week, Lars Kellogg-Stedman will be doing a hangout on Heat, the OpenStack orchestration manager. He'll be teaching us how to deploy things using Heat. That presentation will happen this Friday, September 5th, 10am Eastern US time, and you can watch it live on YouTube at https://plus.google.com/events/c9u4sjn7ksb8jrmma7vd25aok94 and, if the time isn't convenient for you, you can watch it at that same address after the fact. Drop by #rdo-hangout on Freenode IRC for questions and discussion during the event, or come to #rdo any time.

You can watch any past RDO hangouts at http://rdoproject.org/Hangouts


Almost every day, there are several OpenStack meetups happening, somewhere in the world. I've started sending a weekly list of upcoming meetups to the RDO-list mailing list - http://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/rdo-list - so that you can be aware of what nearby events you can attend.

The RDO events page - http://rdoproject.org/Events - is being updated each week with the upcoming meetups where we think RDO enthusiasts might be present. Please update that page with events and meetups that you'll be attending.

If you do go to an OpenStack meetup, please let me know. Take pictures. Write a blog post. Tell us about it so that we can spread the word. There's a ton of information online about OpenStack, but nothing quite measures up to sitting down with other people and learning what they're doing with OpenStack, and helping one another solve problems.


Be sure you have these events on your calendar, particularly if you're in Europe.

A few days ago the schedule for the OpenStack summit was published, at https://openstacksummitnovember2014paris.sched.org/ and it looks like a great schedule. I'm particularly looking forward to hearing Zane and Steven talk about Heat - http://sched.co/1qeMMfz - and hearing Julien, Eoghan and Dina talk about Ceilometer - http://sched.co/1lu0c8Y

The OpenStack Summit will be in Paris, November 3 - 7. This is

  • the* event for OpenStack, and if you only go to one event in a year, it

should be this one. Everyone in the OpenStack ecosystem will be there for three days of technical content, and three days of the OpenStack Kilo developer summit, where the next release of OpenStack, code-named Kilo, will be discussed.

RDO will be at OpenStack Summit in strength, so this is the place to be to find out about RDO, as well as to learn what the next iteration of OpenStack is going to look like.

You can register for the OpenStack Summit at http://openstack.org/summit/ See you in Paris!

LinuxCon Europe will be held October 13 - 15, in Dusseldorf, Germany. RDO will be there, as will various other of our friends in the OpenStack ecosystem. It'll be a great opportunity to learn more about OpenStack - there's a ton of OpenStack content under the 'CloudOpen' umbrella at the event. You can see the schedule for that part of the conference http://lccoelce14.sched.org/type/cloudopen

And it's a great opportunity to see RDO in action. We'll be demoing RDO on CentOS7, and we'll have people on hand to answer your questions and show you around.

A few weeks ago we were in Chicago for LinuxCon North America. Thanks to all of you who dropped by to see us either at the Red Hat booth or at the OpenStack booth. It was great talking with you about how you're using OpenStack in your organizations.

Blog posts

If you're on the rdo-list mailing list, you'll have noticed that I've started posting weekly roundups of the blog posts from RDO engineers and other RDO enthusiasts. You can find the most recent editions of this on the RDO blog:

Week of August 11th: http://rdoproject.org/forum/discussion/978/blog-roundup-august-11-17-2014

Week of August 18th: http://rdoproject.org/forum/discussion/979/rdo-blog-roundup-week-of-august-18

You can best keep up with these by subscribing to the rdo-list mailing list (See information below) or by following the RDO blog at http://rdoproject.org/blog/

In Closing …

Once again, you can always keep up to date a variety of ways:

Thanks again for being part of the RDO community!

– Rich Bowen, OpenStack Community Liaison rbowen@redhat.com http://rdoproject.org