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This month's newsletter is very late, because I've been traveling and the time got away from me. If you'd like to help get next month's newsletter out on time, or contribute to it in some other way, please let me know, at rbowen@redhat.com

Mailing List Update

The RDO list archive from September is at https://www.redhat.com/archives/rdo-list/2015-September/thread.html Here's a few highlights from the month.

RDO Test Days

In late September we had our first Liberty RDO test day - http://beta.rdoproject.org/testday/rdo-test-day-liberty-01/

  • and had pretty good participation, with some test results documented at http://beta.rdoproject.org/testday/testedsetups-liberty-01/

We have a followup test day running as I write this, since we are now closer to the Liberty release. Liberty is scheduled to release on October the 15th, so what we have right now shold be mostly final.

RDO-Manager Quickstart

A discussion started around the creation of an RDO-Manager Quickstart document, much like the RDO Quickstart, to give a quick and successful first run-through with RDO-Manager, producing a minimally useful cloud instance. That discussion is at https://www.redhat.com/archives/rdo-list/2015-September/msg00180.html and following.


There was some further discussion of RDO-Manager at https://www.redhat.com/archives/rdo-list/2015-September/msg00161.html that's worth catching up on.

RDO Liberty and Fedora

You may remember the topic of how RDO Liberty will be handled on Fedora from last month. There was additional discussion at https://www.redhat.com/archives/rdo-list/2015-September/msg00113.html for maintainers of these packages. An additional thread at https://www.redhat.com/archives/rdo-list/2015-September/msg00090.html was geared towards everyone else.

RDO-Manager and Ceph

At https://www.redhat.com/archives/rdo-list/2015-September/msg00031.html there's some discussion of deploying Ceph-based storage using RDO-Manager.

This is just a taste of the month's highlights. You can catch up on the entire month at https://www.redhat.com/archives/rdo-list/2015-September/thread.html


The reboot of the RDO website is almost ready to go live. You can preview it at http://beta.rdoproject.org/ and you can participate in the process at https://github.com/redhat-openstack/website

The new site is based on Middleman - https://middlemanapp.com/ - and enables contributions via Git pull requests, both for the main website content, and for the blog. There's also a handy developer tool that lets you run a local copy of the site to verify your changes before you send them along. Just get a git clone of the repo, and run ./run-server.sh in the root of your working copy.

See also the list of open tickets at https://github.com/redhat-openstack/website/issues if you're looking for a place to help out.

RDO Blogs

Continuing the series of PTL interviews, I spoke with Haikel Guemar about the new RPM packaging project. You can read, or listen to, that interview at https://www.rdoproject.org/forum/discussion/1040/haikel-guemar-talks-about-rpm-packaging

And I'm in the process of editing an interview with Mike Perez, the Cinder PTL, and should that up later this week.

As always, every week I post a summary of the blog posts by RDO enthusiasts in the preceding week. These tend to increase in volume as we approach the next release.

And, as of just a few weeks ago, we now have http://blogs.rdoproject.org/ where RDO engineers can post about all things OpenStack. If you'd like to have your OpenStack blog presence there, let me know. (rbowen@redhat.com)


Docs hack day

With the new website almost ready to go, we need your help taking that final step. We're planning a documentation/website hack day on Thursday, October 15th. We'll be coordinating on #rdo on Freenode, and also around the issue tracker at https://github.com/redhat-openstack/website/issues So get a fork of the website (See beta.rdoproject.org item above), and get ready.

OpenStack Summit

The OpenStack Summit in Tokyo is right around the corner, and we hope to see you there. We have an RDO community meetup planned for lunch time on Wednesday.

We'll be at the Red Hat booth at the Summit, where you can meet RDO engineers, and see demos of RDO, OpenShift, ManageIQ, and other OpenStack-related offerings. Also, be sure to get the new RDO tshirt, which finally defines what RDO really stands for.

To prepare for summit, you might want to read this excellent article by Nick Chase about what's new in Liberty: https://www.mirantis.com/blog/53-things-new-openstack-liberty/


Details are still being worked out, but we plan to have an RDO community event, in conjunction with the CentOS Dojo, on the days immediately before FOSDEM, early next year. FOSDEM is scheduled for January 30 and 31st, in Brussels, Belgium. We expect the CentOS event to be on Friday, January 29th.


It seems that every month there's more and more OpenStack meetups around the world. I try to keep the calendar of upcoming meetups updated at http://rdoproject.org/events/ so that you can see what's happening in your area.

LinuxCon Dublin

Last week, we were in Dublin for LinuxCon Europe, where there was great OpenStack content by several RDO engineers, including Mark McLoughlin and Kashyap Chamarthy. We really appreciate everyone who made it to those talks, as well as everyone that stopped by the booth to talk about OpenStack.

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