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As usual, things slowed down a lot over the New Years break, but they're showing signs of picking up again as we get into the year, and the push towards Mitaka.

Community Updates

In case you missed it, here's a few highlights from rdo-list that you may have missed.

The CFP is now open for the OpenStack Summit in Austin and is open until February 1st. This year, for the first time, speakers are limited to three talk submissions. Don't wait for the last minute - get your talks in now. And if you want to run your abstract by someone, there's a number of us on this list who would be glad to look it over for you.

There has been considerable progress on the OpenStack Speakers Bureau. If you are willing to speak on any OpenStack related topic, indicate this by updating your profile to show your area(s) of expertise, and where you're willing to travel to speak. If you're looking for speakers for your meetup, you can search for speakers in your area, and contact them from their profile page.

You can always catch up on the conversation in the RDO mailing list archive.

Upcoming Events

There's several events on the horizon that you should be aware of.

On January 20th and 21st, we invite you to spend an hour or two helping to improve the RDO website and documentation. You can stop by the #RDO channel on Freenode to discuss proposed changes, and you can find the open issues list at https://github.com/redhat-openstack/website/issues.

The following week, we'll be holding the Mitaka 2 test day, where we'll be putting both RDO/Packstack and RDO Manager through their paces to ensure that RDO users have a successful experience with Mitaka. Test day details will appear at https://www.rdoproject.org/testday/ a little closer to the event. Join us again on #RDO for help and discussion.

On the last weekend of January, FOSDEM will once again be held at ULB in Brussels. Details are at https://fosdem.org/2016/ We hope to have talks in the IaaS/Virtualization Devroom at the main event. Also, on the day before FOSDEM - January 29th - we'll be holding an RDO Community Day as part of the FOSDEM Fringe where we'll be having a variety of talks and open discussions about the progress and future of the RDO project. A preliminary schedule for the event has been posted at https://www.rdoproject.org/events/rdo-day-fosdem-2016/ If you expect to attend, please register at https://goo.gl/Z5zByI so that we know how many to expect for lunch.

On February 5th-7th, DevConf.cz will be held in Brno, where many of the RDO engineers are based. We expect there to be OpenStack and RDO content there, and for there to be informal gatherings of RDO enthusiasts at the event. Find out more at http://devconf.cz/

On February 12th, the MAD For OpenStack miniconference will be held in Madrid. Register at http://mad4openstack.eventbrite.com

Other RDO events, including the many OpenStack meetups around the world, are always listed at http://rdoproject.org/events If you have an RDO-related event, please feel free to add it by submitting a pull request to https://github.com/rbowen/rh-events/blob/master/2016/RDO-Meetups.yml

Blog Posts

Traffic on RDO-related blogs slowed down over December, as it usually does. But there have been a few great articles that you don't want to miss.

Tim Bell, at CERN, blogged about the CERN cloud running RDO Kilo, at http://openstack-in-production.blogspot.com/2015/11/our-cloud-in-kilo.html

Adam Young blogged about getting started with TripleO at http://adam.younglogic.com/2015/12/getting-started-with-tripleo/

David Simard introduced WeIRDO at https://dmsimard.com/2015/12/07/thinking-outside-the-box-and-outside-the-gate-to-improve-openstack-and-rdo/

Andrius Benokraitis blogged about setting up a "Rack In A Laptop" with RDO, at https://support.cumulusnetworks.com/hc/en-us/articles/215832697

You can catch up on other RDO-related blogging in these roundups:

https://www.rdoproject.org/blog/2015/12/rdo-blog-roundup-week-of-december-8/ https://www.rdoproject.org/blog/2015/12/rdo-blog-roundup-week-of-december-14/ https://www.rdoproject.org/blog/2016/01/rdo-blog-roundup-jan-4-2016/

Packaging meetings

Every Wednesday at 15:00 UTC, we have the weekly RDO community meeting on the #RDO channel on Freenode IRC. And at 15:00 UTC Thursdays, we have the CentOS Cloud SIG Meeting on #centos-devel. While there is some overlap in these meetings, the former is more focused on the RDO packaging process, and the latter is focused on the CentOS community, and the CI that happens within the CentOS infrastructure, as well as the other projects that use this infra.

We encourage you to come listen in on these meetings to get a feel for what's going on in the RDO community.

Bug Statistics

Chandan Kumar has started posting weekly bug statistics summaries. These are great for tracking the progress of the project, and are also an excellent place to look if you're getting started and looking for something to start working on.

You can see the latest of these messages at http://rdo.fosslists.org/thread.html/Zer5przzb89rhai

Keep in touch

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