July 2016 RDO Community Newsletter

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It's been a very busy summer so far, and there's still a lot coming up. The very best ways to keep up with what's happening in RDO is to get on the mailing list and to follow us on Twitter.

Red Hat Summit

We just came back from Red Hat Summit, where we had a presence in the Community Central pavilion in the expo hall. We shared that space with our friends at Ansible, CentOS, Atomic, Ceph, and many other community projects.

Highlights of the week included Rain Leander's presentation on becoming a contributor to the TripleO project, and Cumulus Networks' demo of their Rack On A Laptop OpenStack setup.

We also had a USB drive containing the TripleO QuickStart image, so that one can get a single-node OpenStack installation up and running in just minutes. You'll soon be able to download the image from the RDO website, or you can come get one from me at LinuxCon next month on Toronto.

Upcoming Events

July is OpenStack Birthday month, and so you'll see birthday meetups cropping up all over the world. Check on Meetup.com for OpenStack meetups near you, or watch the calendar on the RDO events site.

There's also a number of OpenStack Days events where Red Hat is sponsoring, or where we'll have an RDO presence of some kind:

We'd love to see you there. Come, and bring your RDO questions and stories to share.

Other RDO events, including the many OpenStack meetups around the world, are always listed on the RDO events page If you have an RDO-related event, please feel free to add it by submitting a pull request to https://github.com/rbowen/rh-events/blob/master/2016/RDO-Meetups.yml

Test Day, July 21, 22

Newton Milestone 2 is due next week, and so we'll be having an RDO test day, July 21 and 22, to verify that the RDO packages, produced from that milestone, are ready. Please join us in the #rdo channel on Freenode IRC as we test, so that we can ensure that Newton is the best release of RDO yet.

Keep in touch

There's lots of ways to stay in in touch with what's going on in the RDO community. The best ways are …


Mailing Lists:


  • IRC - #rdo on Freenode.irc.net
  • Puppet module development - #rdo-puppet

Social Media

Finally, every Wednesday at 15:00 UTC, we have the weekly RDO community meeting on the #RDO channel on Freenode IRC. And at 15:00 UTC Thursdays, we have the CentOS Cloud SIG Meeting on #centos-devel. Attending these is one of the best ways for your voice to be heard in the direction that RDO takes.

Thanks again for being part of the RDO community!