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What did you do in Mitaka?

The RDO community is absolutely delighted to announce that RDO packages for Mitaka have been released. You can try out OpenStack Mitaka today using the QuickStart, or using TripleO.

It's worth taking a moment to celebrate before we forge ahead with Newton. I have been having a series of conversations with some of our engineers about what they did in Mitaka, and they're well worth your time:

I also have interviews with Emilien Macchi and Adam Young recorded, which will be published soon, and several others lined up. If you'd like to talk about what you did in Mitaka, or about what's coming in Newton, just and we'll set it up.

Our goal for this release was to get the RDO release out withing 2 days of the upstream release. It happened in 2.5 hours. We're trying to figure out how we can speed this up in Newton.

OpenStack Summit, Austin

OpenStack Summit has come and gone, and what a week it was. A huge thank you to everyone that helped out so much at the RDO demo stand, especially our friends at Cumulus Networks who demoed their rack on a laptop setup.

Additionally, we had demos of TripleO, and various things running on top of RDO.

RDO Meetup, Openstack Summit

We had a great turnout at the RDO BoF - more than 60 were in attendance. It's always encouraging to see you in person at these events.

Red Hat Summit - June 28th, San Francisco

Next month, RDO will have a big presence at Red Hat Summit, where we'll have more demos of deploying and using RDO, including another appearance from Cumulus, and demos of TripleO. There's still time to register, and we hope to see you in San Francisco!

Newton, test days, and

And now, it's on to Newton. We're really looking forward to what you'll be doing in Newton. There are many ways that you can participate, and we'd like to draw attention to a few of them in particular.

We have a tentative schedule of upcoming test days based on the Newton release schedule. Participating in test days, as well as writing instructions for what needs to be tested, is both one of the best ways to help RDO's forward progress, and a great way to involve beginners in the process.

Tracking what's happening in RDO is now much easier. We're delighted to announce entering production service. This should make it easier to participate in the packaging work, clearer what's happening, and easlier to find all of the various parts that used to be scattered across disparate services. A huge thank you to the people who worked so hard to make this happen. Listen to my interview with Haikel for more background on what this involved, and why it was necessary.

Each week I post a list of unanswered RDO questions, from, to the rdo-list mailing list. Here's the latest one. Keeping this list down to manageable levels helps our extended community of users to solve their problems in a timely manner, and provides permanent documentation for those that come afterwards with the same questions. Please consider giving a few minutes this week to looking at one of those questions and providing an answer. Thanks!

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