Using GlusterFS for Glance with RDO

To use GlusterFS with Glance one needs to go trough a few manual steps after RDO is installed. This also assumes you have a GlusterFS share already available for the purpose; if you don't, just go trough the GlusterFS QuickStart guide to set that up.

Stop the Glance services:

   # service openstack-glance-registry stop
   # service openstack-glance-api stop

Install the required packages (on the Glance node):

   # yum install glusterfs-fuse glusterfs 

Mount the GlusterFS share in the proper location and restart the services:

   # chown -R glance:glance /var/lib/glance/images
   # service openstack-glance-registry start
   # service openstack-glance-api start