Post Installation Tests

After installation, run the following on your setup:

setting up:

  1. log into Horizon
  2. create a new project called RedHat and set a high numbers quota
  3. create a new project user with admin rights called Pinky Brain
  4. log out

Admin in tenant:

  1. log in to Project RedHat using Pinky Brain user
  2. create a new Image called qcow_image
  3. create the following user's as members:
  • Peter PP
  • Homer HH
  • Francine FF
  • Jeff JJ
  • Tom TT
  • Daniel DD
  1. create a private network called PB
  2. launch 6 instances from the created image called 'TV'
  3. create a new volume from an image called 'image-volume'
  4. create a new empty volume called 'blank-volume'
  5. create a snapshot from both volumes
  6. create a backup for both volumes
  7. launch an instance from the 'image-volume'
  8. attach the empty volume to an instance

Member of tenant:

  1. log in to horizon using Peter Griffin's user