January 2014 Test Day

Glance testing should include image manipulation commands below, tested on different deployment scenarios\back-ends.

  • Create images:
    • using image from file.
    • using image from http.
  • Upload different types:
    • Using different disk formats (iso,qcow,vdi,vmdk..).
    • Using different containers types (bare,ovf,..).
  • Delete image.
  • Image details:
    • list images.
    • show specific detail of an image.
  • Image-update, change image parameters check that it updated.
  • Use images:
    • Boot instance from image, using nova boot from image, to test a bootable image.
    • Test several instances for different operating systems (Linux\Windows..).
    • Make image from instance.
  • Create image from volume.
  • Create volume from image.
  • Image share\unshare\show permissions.
  • Check multi project image access\permissions.

For command help: glance –help \ glance -help image-create