TripleO is a set of tools for the deployment and management of OpenStack which utilizes the RDO repositories.

The name TripleO refers to three related things:

  • A design pattern, where an underlying OpenStack instance is used to deploy and then to manage another, usually more complex, OpenStack instance.
  • A set of configuration files and scripts which contain OS image building rules and service configuration rules
  • The upstream program within the OpenStack project which develops the various scripts and utilities which are combined to deliver the complete software solution.

The design pattern utilizes a single-purpose deployment OpenStack which deploys and manages a more sophisticated, general-purpose OpenStack instance which is what gives TripleO its name. TripleO is short for OpenStack On OpenStack.

Upstream TripleO documentation:

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RDO/TripleO documentation:

TripleO YouTube channel:

Get in touch

  • IRC: #tripleo and #rdo channels on OFTC.
  • Mailing list: openstack-discuss, using [TripleO] tag in the subject of the email.