Workflow: Overview and infrastructure

During the cycle of a given OpenStack release, we have the following recurring activities:

  • New packages are created when needed.
  • Each package is rebuilt anytime a new commit is available in the repository upstream on the RDO Trunk builder.
    • If the package build fails, a review is automatically opened in our Gerrit review system, so the package maintainers can work on a fix.
  • Periodically, the latest repository where all packages had been successfully built goes through a number of CI jobs. If all jobs are successful, the repository is promoted, meaning it is considered as good enough for other upstream CIs to rely on it for their jobs.


The following pieces of infrastructure are used during the cycle:

  • is the central system for our workflow, powered by SoftwareFactory. It contains a Gerrit instance to manage all changes to the repositories where the spec files used to build our packages are contained, as well as the components managing our CI infrastructure.
  • Our distgit repositories contain one repository for each project built by RDO, where the spec files are located. Every change submitted via is synchronized to the repos at GitHub.
  • The RDO Trunk repositories contain the latest packages.
  • The Centos CI infrastructure is used to run the periodic jobs to promote the latest repositories.
  • Our own RDO Cloud is used to host most of our infrastructure servers, as well as a pool of test VMs used by to verify all incoming changes.

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