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Want to try out OpenStack without installing anything? TryStack is a free public OpentStack instance where you can experiment.

To spin up a proof of concept cloud on a single node, try an all in one installation with the QuickStart.

If you want to create a production-ready cloud, you'll want to use the TripleO quickstart guide.

And if you want to jump in and help out, here's how you can get involved.

What is RDO?

An Openstack Distribution

RDO is a community of people using and deploying OpenStack on CentOS, Fedora, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. We have documentation to help get started, mailing lists where you can connect with other users, and community-supported packages of the most up-to-date OpenStack releases available for download.

If you are looking for enterprise-level support, or information on partner certification, Red Hat also offers Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

OpenStack relies on the underlying operating system and hypervisor — and what better operating system to build on than the industry's leading enterprise operating system? The RDO community is your one-stop community site for all things related to using OpenStack on Red Hat based platforms.

Get involved

Want to update this documentation? Great! All you need is a GitHub account, then visit the link at the very middle bottom of each page, entitled "Edit this page on GitHub"

There are many ways to get involved with the RDO community once you get started. The simplest way is to head over to the forum and help answer questions. Or try out OpenStack for yourself right now at

The Puppet modules used in packstack are on Github and packstack itself is on Stackforge.

For a commercially-supported enterprise ready OpenStack solution, Red Hat provides Red Hat OpenStack Platform, an enterprise-class cloud platform based on OpenStack.

What's happening?

Come to one of the main events where some of us will be. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Subscribe to the rdo-list mailing list for technical questions, or to the newsletter mailing list for monthly community updates.