Contribute to RDO

Help us make the RDO community site a great place for users and cloud operators in the Red Hat ecosystem. There are many ways to contribute to RDO, some of which are detailed below.

Our community strives to operate according to the terms of the OpenStack Code of Conduct.

If you're just getting started, and are looking for a little help, consult our mentors list.



IRC channels

Come chat in real-time with RDO users on IRC on the OFTC server:

  • #rdo: Any general conversation about RDO, including developer issues and user questions. (Transcripts.)

  • #openstack: Remember that RDO is just a small part of a larger community. Questions about OpenStack in general, not specifically about RDO, should go to the upstream channel. (Transcripts.)

Come chat in real-time with the CentOS Cloud SIG on IRC on the Libera Chat server:

  • #centos-cloud: If you have questions about the CentOS Cloud Special Interest Group (SIG) and the parts of the RDO infrastructure that run in the CentOS Community Build System (cbs), this is where you're most likely to get answers.
  • #centos-devel: If you have questions about the CentOS Project

IRC meetings

We have weekly IRC meetings you can participate in:


Join us for various events around the world. Organize your own meetup. If you run a meetup group, or if you're speaking at a meetup here's some of the ways we can help out.

Ask and answer

Join ask.openstack

Join the ask.openstack community to ask and answer questions. The site ask.openstack is the upstream Q&A for all manner of OpenStack issues.

Contribute to the RDO Infrastructure

You can contribute to the RDO Infrastructure maintenance. This page describes the general infrastructure used by RDO. The infrastructure core administrators are available to help you if you need anything, and we are also available in the #rdo IRC channel on OFTC.

Content writing

Help improve the documentation and website! The main pages for contributed content are documentation, troubleshooting and user stories.

Writing guidelines

Here are a few guidelines for contributing new content to the website:

  • Please search first to check if there is a similar page which you can update.
  • Use sentence case for page titles and headings. Get involved is correct, Get Involved is not.
  • Please keep the website content connected! When you add a new page, add a link to it from the appropriate page(s).
  • Please be aware of our terms of use — among other things, you agree to license your contributions under the Creative Commons Attribution License version 3.0, and you agree not to submit illegal content.