Install RDO with Ceph as storage

The Ceph releases used for each RDO release

RDO Release Ceph Release
Bobcat Reef
Antelope Quincy
Zed Quincy
Yoga Pacific

Enable EPEL repository for Ceph Reef

Since the Ceph Reef release, the CentOS Stream Storage SIG decided to pull some dependencies from the EPEL repo instead of rebuilding and providing them itself.
As a result, the EPEL repository needs to be enabled on the target host in order to be able to install centos-release-ceph-reef sucessfully.
However, enabling the EPEL repository with the default parameters might conflict with the RDO repository (i.e duplicate packages with different NVR). To avoid this conflict, if you plan to install RDO OpenStack and Ceph services in the same host, you must set the EPEL repository with a lower priority and include only the packages needed, see below:

  $ sudo dnf update
  $ sudo dnf install 'dnf-command(config-manager)'
  $ sudo dnf config-manager --enable crb
  $ sudo dnf install epel-release
  $ sudo dnf config-manager --disable epel-next
  $ sudo dnf config-manager --disable epel-cisco-openh264
  $ sudo dnf config-manager --setopt epel.priority=100 --save epel
  $ sudo dnf config-manager --setopt epel.includepkgs="libarrow*,parquet*,python3-asyncssh,re2,python3-grpcio,grpc*,abseil*" --save epel
  $ sudo dnf install centos-release-ceph-reef
  $ sudo dnf install ceph

Note: installing centos-release-ceph-reef is not needed if centos-releae-openstack-bobcat is already installed (i.e it's a requirement).