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Wir freuen uns sehr, diesen Monat zum OpenStack Summit Berlin in Deutschland zu sein! So aufgeregt, dass wir auf Deutsch sprechen! Aber nicht immer!

Back to English!

As we said, we’re attending OpenStack Summit Berlin this month, celebrating all the OpenStack things, and ready to embrace the future of the RDO Community.


Housekeeping Items

Volunteers Needed for the RDO Booth at OpenStack Summit Berlin

We are gearing up for OpenStack Summit Berlin where we'll have our regular presence within the Red Hat booth. This fall we'll continue the ManageIQ / RDO demo we started last year and we'd love to see your demos, too! If you've got something you'd like to demo via video OR LIVE because you're not afraid of ANYTHING, sign up.

We're also looking for people to spend their precious free time answering questions at the RDO booth. If you're attending, please consider spending one or more of your free moments with us. Questions run the gamut from "What's RDO?" to "I found a bug in Neutron and need help troubleshooting it." Of course, you're not expected to know everything and you can always keep IRC open to access the RDO Community for help! Plus, you get cool stuff! If you show up for three or more shifts, we're going to hook you up with an RDO hoodie.

Reach out to Rain Leander on IRC (leanderthal) or email ( for more information.

RDO Changes

The Future of the RDO Community

Just in case you might have any further questions regarding IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat, especially with regards to the RDO Community, Brian Proffitt published an article to focus on how some are wondering what this acquisition will mean for the many upstream projects in which Red Hat participates and sponsors.

Community News

Community Meetings

Every Wednesday at 15:00 UTC, we have the weekly RDO community meeting on the #RDO channel on Freenode IRC. The agenda for this meeting is posted each week in a public etherpad and the minutes from the meeting are posted on the RDO website. If there's something you'd like to see happen in RDO - a package that is missing, a tool that you'd like to see included, or a change in how things are governed - this is the best time and place to help make that happen.

Every Thursday at 15:00 UTC, there is a weekly CentOS Cloud SIG meeting on the #centos-devel channel on Freenode IRC. The agenda for this meeting is posted each week in a public etherpad and the minutes from the meeting are posted on the RDO website. This meeting makes sense for people that are involved in packaging OpenStack for CentOS and for people that are packaging OTHER cloud infra thingies (OpenNebula, CloudStack, Euca, etc) for CentOS. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller

OpenStack News

Bringing The Community Together

Jeremy Stanley recently announced over SEVERAL mailling lists that “…the openstack, openstack-dev, openstack-sigs and openstack-operators mailing lists (to which this is being sent) will be replaced by a new openstack-discuss at mailing list. The new list is open for subscriptions now, but is not yet accepting posts until Monday November 19 and it's strongly recommended to subscribe before that date so as not to miss any messages posted there. The old lists will be configured to no longer accept posts starting on Monday December 3, but in the interim posts to the old lists will also get copied to the new list so it's safe to unsubscribe from them any time after the 19th and not miss any messages.”

Join CloudKitty On The First Friday Of Each Month At 15h00 UTC

CloudKitty is the project name of a Rating-as-a-Service project. Meetings will happen in the #cloudkitty channel on Freenode. They should (for now) be held on the first Friday of each month at 15h00 UTC. Of course, the time / frequency can be adapted to what suits the community the best. These meetings were a thing in the project's early days and have slowly stopped, which we really regret.

This is part of a larger effort to get more in touch with the community. We would gladly welcome new contributors and ANY contribution of ANY kind - bug report, review, documentation suggestion/update, commit - is welcome.

Recent and Upcoming Events

OpenStack Summit Vancouver

There’s a lot happening in and around OpenStack Summit Berlin! Here are a few highlights:

  • Let’s Celebrate At OpenStack Summit we’ll once again gather together to celebrate OpenStack with the Ceph and RDO communities. Please register and join us at An Evening of Ceph and RDO at OpenStack Summit Berlin on Wednesday night!
  • RDO-Specific talks We’re gathering a list of RDO-specific talks that will be happening at OpenStack Summit Berlin. If you haven’t already, please add yours to the list. We’ll be promoting these talks via social media prior to as well as during the conference.
  • Looking for Volunteers As mentioned <a name=”housekeeping”>above</a>, we’re looking for volunteers to spend time answering questions at the RDO booth. Please consider signing up for a shift.

Call For Papers

There are a handful of relevant conferences with open CFPs. Need help figuring out a good topic or finalizing your abstract? Feel free to reach out in the #RDO channel on IRC.

  • Red Hat Summit Boston Massachusetts USA 07-09 May 2019 Share your ideas with thousands of open source enthusiasts by submitting a session for Red Hat Summit 2019. There's a lot going on in open source, and we need your help to talk about it. Please submit an abstract based on one of the topics we will feature this year. CFP closes 19 November 2018 23:59 UTC

  • ServerlessDays Amsterdam The Netherlands 29 March 2019 ServerlessDays started life as JeffConf, a tongue in cheek conference in the spirit of Paul Johnston’s blog post, “Serverless is just a name. We could have called it Jeff”, an attempt to move beyond the Serverless buzzword and focus on the practical use of function as a service platforms and the value they provide. It is a one day, community focused, single track event centred on real world Serverless based solutions. It’s about fostering a community and helping all of us learn from each other as we embrace a new way of building applications. CFP closes at November 26, 2018 23:11 UTC

  • Open Source Data Center Conference Berlin Germany 14-15 May 2019 Innovative strategies, forward-looking developments and new perspectives in dealing with complex data centers are welcome topics of OSDC. The international conference is especially adapted to experienced administrators and architects. CFP closes at January 31, 2019 12:01 UTC

Other Events

Other RDO events, including the many OpenStack meetups around the world, are always listed on the RDO events page. If you have an RDO-related event, please feel free to add it by submitting a pull request on Github.

Keep in Touch

There are lots of ways to stay in in touch with what's going on in the RDO community. The best ways are …


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  • IRC - #rdo on

Social Media

As always, thanks for being part of the RDO community!