Using Ceph for Glance with RDO

Configuring Glance

On the RDO node, configure the Glance API configuration file. The default configuration file has commented out sections for Ceph, which you can uncomment and configure.

  1. As root, edit the /etc/glance/glance-api.conf file.

  2. Change default_store=file to default_store=rbd.

  3. Enable rbd_store_user and set the user name to images (corresponds to user client.images).

  4. Enable rbd_store_pool and set the pool name to images (corresponds to the pool images).

  5. Enable show_image_direct_url and set the value to True.

  6. Enable rbd_store_ceph_conf and leave the default Ceph configuration file path unchanged.

  7. Enable rbd_store_chunk_size and set the value to 8.

When you are done, the configuration (without comments) should look something like this:


Restart glance to ensure that the configuration changes take effect.

     sudo service openstack-glance-api restart